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Friday, March 1, 2013


You can now add online orders to workshop orders for calculating the hostess benefits.
 Easy! It includes ALL products on our online store PLUS My Digital Studio print products and downloads. Isn't that sweet?

Q: What is a hostess code?
A: It's a code that lets customers go online to add an online order to a Stampin' Up! workshop's group order. Now, the technical answer: A hostess code is an eight-character code that will enable an online customer order's merchandise total to contribute to the workshop merchandise total when calculating hostess benefits.

Q: Why is Stampin' Up! providing hostess codes?
A: Hostess benefits are designed to reward individuals for hosting a workshop and introducing their friends as new customers to you. Hostess codes will enhance the benefits of hosting a workshop by allowing customers that cannot be physically present to contribute to their workshop totals for calculating hostess benefits. Additionally, since online customer orders can include Clearance Rack items and My Digital Studio print products, there is now a way to tie those purchases to your workshop totals for the purposes of calculating hostess benefits. The workshop order total and customer order total will remain separate on your activity statement.

Q: Can an online order with a hostess code contain Clearance Rack items?
A: Yes!

Q: Can an online order with a hostess code contain digital print products and downloads?
A: Yes!

If you're ready to host a party, let me know!

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