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3D Projects

Some fabric flowers: barretts? pins? add on cards?

Here is the newest addition for wine bottles:

Here are the small and large cork trivets I make with wine corks:

Stickie Notes with my Bind it All:
I got this these 3 ideas below from Chic n' Scratch here: 

 or Note pad with my Bind it All:

or list pad:  
I made a bunch of these to give out as a "thank you for your order" when I had a Pampered Chef party.  They were a hit !!

Monkey goodie bags we made for Serenity's birthday party 
from brown lunch bags
We put all kinds of goodies inside !

Stars and Stripes Lara
from Digital Delights

Made these 3d carrotts with Barnaby Bunny topper
Inside I put some paper grass and a Easter egg with chocolates