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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Yesterday was so rewarding; it was back over to the Leander Senior Center to make some 3x3 thank you cards with the seniors!  Wow we had such a group, it was so much larger than the first time!  I told the ladies they would be using their own creative juices, I had some samples, lots of paper, punches etc.  Alot of the ladies weren't quite sure what to do, where to start, but after the first card, they went to town.  All I can say is, they are very creative!!  
Here are some pictures of the ladies and their cards:

Lots of stories, lots of fun!
The one thing they kept asking me, when are you coming back?  
love those ladies !!
Most of all....THANK YOU Melissa for all your help !


  1. How wonderful for all of you,the seniors and yourself, great way to spend a few hours. Bless you!